We are two sisters born and raised in North Vancouver, Canada. Kyla - the sewist and Diana - the organizer, we are the perfect pair and The Cotton Lane is our dream come true. 

Our mother used to make us the most beautiful advent calendars, pouring her heart and soul into curating the most wonderful surprises. She is our inspiration. Now that we have our own children, we understand that the truth behind that 'holiday magic' feeling, is a whole lot of work from caregivers who loves her children very much. 

We are lucky enough to have the best little girl gang of support. Our lives are filled with cousin sleepovers, mac & cheese, getting outside as much as possible and turning holidays into magical moments for our little ones.

We value creating lasting memories and family traditions and we hope to share some of that with every advent calendar sold. 

We live in a community that values sustainability and we bring those values into every aspect of our business. We strive to source the best materials that have minimal environmental impact.